An employee engagement
platform promoting
positive environmental
behaviour change

By adopting a circular workplace, your business will see improved productivity and reduced consumption through greater efficiency, delivering bottom line savings.

How do we create a circular workplace?

Greenrspace is a platform that will allow you to communicate, engage and motivate your employees towards creating a circular workplace.

We’ll work with you to help create your company’s Greenrspace.

Assess your environmental needs

Firstly, we will undertake a full business audit and check which facilities you have on your premises.

This will enable us to deliver a personalised and relevant engagement plan for your employees.

Work with you ​to set SMART goals

With a complete understanding of your business needs, we’ll agree SMART targets that will be communicated across your whole business.

Through Greenrspace we’ll work together to motivate employees to reach your goals.

Create bespoke​ content calendar​

Once we have your goals in place, we will create a 12 month content calendar.

Each month or quarter we will focus on specific actions to help achieve your business goals.

Communicate with your employees

By working together and monitoring all activities, we’ll be able to see which employees or departments are your top performers.

Your employees will be asked to take mandatory tasks, that will drive towards your company goals.

In addition, employees will also have access to further activities to learn more about how to make their workplace circular.

Monitor, report​ and reward

All activities that your employees take are mapped against your business.

You’ll be able to track your consumption data in a dashboard, helping your business to meet its targets.

Key features for your business

We’ve packed Greenrspace with lots of tools to motivate your employees and create an active community.

Take a look at the key features that you could help achieve your company’s Greenrspace.

Employee incentives

What’s in it for me? Greenrspace gives your employees a rewards platform that allows personal choice.

Get money off everyday purchases with Greenrspace rewards.

Enter our monthly prize draw for your chance to win.

Or perhaps you’re feeling generous? Donate your points to a charity of your choice.

Reuse marketplace

Create a sharing economy through our reuse marketplace – a great place to find a second home for unwanted stuff.

Buyers can save ££s by buying great quality second-hand items from colleagues.

Sellers can benefit from de-cluttering at home and being more sustainable.

Platform personalisation

We know it’s really important that Greenrspace feels familiar to your employees, so that’s why we’ve made it fully customisable.

Choose your company colours, fonts, logos and within a matter of minutes your Greenrspace will become personalised to your company.

Additional features

Available to all

Avoid email clutter and send direct communications to teams, locations or employees.

Social proofing

Highlight top performers, giving everyone the sense that your goals are achievable.

Engagement reports

Regular KPI reports mean that you’ll be up to speed with your company’s progress.

Push notifications

Cut through the noise and send direct relevant communications to teams, locations or employees.


Increase behaviour change and keep your employees motivated with games, points and badges.

Account management

Benefit from a dedicated account manager providing quarterly reports and feedback.

We can help make your company a Greenrspace

If you’re keen to learn more, it would be great to talk to you about how we can help create your company’s Greenrspace.