How is Greenrspace
going to help your

Greenrspace can help your business, whatever the size.

From marketing and sales, operations to HR, by adopting our approach we think your company can see value in four key areas:

Become more efficient

By engaging your employees to use less resources and rewarding them for doing so, it’s a win-win.

Why not share some of those savings with your employees? Your business grows, your employees get rewarded. What’s not to like?

Improve communications

It’s a big challenge for a business to communicate effectively, ensuring that everyone is moving forward together.

Greenrspace gives your organisation a dedicated communications channel that’s fun, engaging and rewarding – galvanising your team behind common goals.

Increase staff retention

In today’s competitive jobs market, keeping the best employees can be a challenge. And for many employees, your company’s attitude towards the environment and climate change are really important.

Adopting Greenrspace can differentiate your business – showing it really cares about the impact your business is having on the wider world.

Employee incentives

Taking your employees on a journey by rewarding them every step of the way builds a new relationship with your staff.

Personal incentives, chosen by each team member show that you value your employees. Programmes can be tailored, and you can even name the currency that your company distributes.

Additional Benefits

Available to all

Avoid email clutter and send direct communications to teams, locations or employees.

Social proofing

Highlight top performers, giving everyone the sense that your goals are achievable.

Engagement reports

Regular KPI reports mean that you’ll be up to speed with your company’s progress.

Push notifications

Cut through the noise and send direct relevant communications to teams, locations or employees.


Increase behaviour change and keep your employees motivated with games, points and badges.

Account management

Benefit from a dedicated account manager providing quarterly reports and feedback.

We can help make your company a Greenrspace

If you’re keen to learn more, it would be great to talk to you about how we can help create your company’s Greenrspace.