What's in it for
your employees?

Greenrspace provides an exciting and adaptable reward programme which links action to reward.

There’s plenty of good reasons for your employees to get involved, because the more they take part, the greater the impact, which will lead to bigger rewards!

Employee incentives

Whether it’s money off at the coffee shop or discounted groceries, the rewards scheme will give employees something back directly for their actions.

Or perhaps winning an iPad or tablet in a prize draw is more exciting? Not for you? How about donating those hard earned points to charity?

There’s something for everyone in the Greenrspace incentive scheme.

Office competition


As an individual or working together as team, see which departments, teams or offices are performing the best! that you define, marketing can take on sales or customer 

 A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone!

Reuse marketplace

​Create a sharing economy through our reuse marketplace – a great place to find a second home for unwanted stuff.

Buyers can save ££s by buying great quality second-hand items from colleagues.

Sellers can benefit from de-cluttering at home and being more sustainable.


We’ve tried to make Greenrspace fun, and through gamification your employees can learn whilst enjoying the experience.

So whether it’s taking a pledge, testing the old grey matter with a quiz, watching a short film, tackling a crossword or playing a game, Greenrspace makes changing behaviour fun.

Additional Benefits

Available to all

Avoid email clutter and send direct communications to teams, locations or employees.

Social proofing

Highlight top performers, giving everyone the sense that your goals are achievable.

Engagement reports

Regular KPI reports mean that you’ll be up to speed with your company’s progress.

Push notifications

Cut through the noise and send direct relevant communications to teams, locations or employees.


Increase behaviour change and keep your employees motivated with games, points and badges.

Account management

Benefit from a dedicated account manager providing quarterly reports and feedback.

We can help make your company a Greenrspace

If you’re keen to learn more, it would be great to talk to you about how we can help create your company’s Greenrspace.