Greenrspace features
and benefits

We’ve packed the Greenrspace platform with lots of tools
to help you achieve your goals, motivate your employees
and deliver your business benefits.

Consumption goals

Delivering your objectives

As we build your company’s Greenrspace, we’re going to motivate your employees to meet the goals you want to set.

Want to see if the sales team can use less fuel when they’re out and about? Or perhaps you want the accounts team to use less paper? If you can measure it, we can reward your staff and encourage them by taking rewarding activities that help change behaviour and achieve your goals.


Achieving goals

For each goal you’ve got, we’ll create some achievable milestones.

When each milestone is achieved, it will trigger a badge, some points, or even a reward. We’ll help you to decide what’s going to work.

Platform personalisation

Doing it your way

The branding, colours and dashboard layouts in Greenrspace are fully customisable, so it will look & feel just the way that feels comfortable to you and your teams.

Push notifications

Notifications vs email

We know that your people are busy, and that they probably don’t need any more emails. That’s why we use push notifications to get the message there quickly.

You can select who you send notifications to – even to just people called Tiffany, if you wanted to.

Web and mobile apps

Anytime, anywhere, any place

We know that the 21st century workplace doesn’t just happen at your desk, so we’ve created Greenrspace to be where you are.

With web & mobile apps and a fully responsive service, Greenrspace can be with you, wherever you are.

Company directory

Getting to know your fellow colleagues

Keeping up to date with everyone on one floor can be tough, but in big offices, with big teams spread out across many locations it can be almost impossible.

As your staff sign up to Greenrspace they create a company directory with up to date contact details, phone numbers and email details. There’s no way that Samuel in customer care is going to be missed again.

Company news

Spreading the word

As a platform to share good news, updates, births and happy events, Greenrspace has a built-in company news section.

No more waiting 3 months to find out that Frank in operations has become a Dad.

Employee Rewards

Making it worthwhile

Once your employees have achieved their milestones and earned some points, they can choose their reward. It might be some money off in the canteen, trying to win an Amazon Echo in the prize draw, or donating points to a charity.

Or it might be just waiting to see what else comes along. The choice is down to your people.

Additional Benefits

Engagement reports

Regular KPI reports mean that you’ll be up to speed with your company’s progress.


Increase behaviour change and keep your employees motivated with games, points and badges.

Account management

Benefit from a dedicated account manager providing quarterly reports and feedback.

We can help make your company a Greenrspace

If you’re keen to learn more, it would be great to talk to you about how we can help create your company’s Greenrspace.